Menu bar in Pixlr Desktop

The menu bar along the top of the app contains an assortment of tools and options to help you as you work.

  • File contains options for opening and saving files, printing images, and exiting the app.
  • Edit contains options for undoing/redoing. 
  • Fast contains the fast tool tiles options for making changes to your image.  
  • Refine contains the refine tool tiles options for making changes to your image.  
  • Text contains the type option for adding text.
  • Membership contains options for signing in and out, creating a new account, upgrading your membership, and managing your account. 
  • View contains options for zooming in and out, zooming into the image to fit it to the current view, seeing the actual size of the image, and showing/hiding the app’s tools.
  • Help contains options for learning more about the Pixlr brand and accessing the user guide, blog,, and support.
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