I paid for Pro but I'm not seeing Pro features

Not sure if you're signed in to Pixlr Desktop as a Pro user? Here's a few troubleshooting tips to make sure you're set up correctly. 

Do you see the Influence Panel? 

Pro users have access to the Influence Panel, the set of masking tools that appear on the right-hand side of the editing window. The easiest way to determine if you're signed in as a Pro user is to choose one of the "Refine" options. Do you see the Influence Mask panel? If so, you are signed in with your Pro membership. 

Are you signed in with the email address attached to your account? 

If you purchased a membership from the Mac App Store, you will still need to sign in with the Autodesk ID you created before you purchased (or at the time you purchased). Double check that detail. Many people have multiple email addresses (we do, too), and sometimes we hear from people who purchased with one email address but are trying to sign in with a different email address. (It happens.) Our system will tell you if your email address has an account associated with it. 

Are you signed in with a third-party system? 

You can create an account on pixlr.com or directly in Pixlr Desktop, and you can choose many different sign-options from third-party services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Pixlr Pro memberships are attached to the service you were signed in with when you purchased, so you will want to use that sign-in option going forward. (Or, take a moment to link your email address when presented with that option.)

A few things to consider

  • Cookies? If you're signing in on the pixlr.com site, your cookie settings could be preventing you from entering credentials. Check your cookie settings to 'Allow all' or 'Allow from websites I visit'. 
  • Browser? Try signing in with a different web browser. Chrome, Safari, or Firefox are all great options. (Older versions of Internet Explorer have notable differences from more modern browsers.) All browsers have default security settings, so checking those (e.g., disabling JavaScript) may solve sign-in problems. 
  • Firewall? If you use a firewall, proxy, or some antivirus applications, these could be preventing our software from recognizing your Pro membership. If possible, connect to an alternate network or disable these temporarily to see if they may be involved. 




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