What happened to Pixlr for Mac and Windows?

Pixlr for Mac and Windows has been retired

We built Pixlr for Mac and PC for people who wanted to add a little bit extra to their photos. Since then, we've seen lots of great filters, effects, and fun, but it's time for us to wave goodbye to Pixlr Desktop apps. We're consolidating our development work and focusing on our free mobile and web-based apps, so we're retiring Pixlr for Mac and Pixlr for Windows.

What does this mean for my Pixlr Pro subscription?

We're no longer selling Pixlr Pro subscriptions, but if you already purchased a Pixlr Pro subscription, you can continue to use it until your subscription runs out.

Can I still download these apps?

We no longer offer Pixlr for Mac or Pixlr for Windows on the app stores, but Pixlr Pro subscribers can still download a copy of Pixlr for Mac or Pixlr for Windows. You will need to sign in with your existing Pro subscription. 

What other apps compare to Pixlr for Desktop?

Pixlr Express was actually the basis for Pixlr for Mac/Windows, so you should definitely check that app out. It has most of the same overlays, effects, and stickers. You'll feel right at home. Pixlr Editor is geared more toward graphic design, so it's a great choice for adding masks or using layers. In many ways it is more advanced than Pixlr for Desktop, so if you enjoyed the Pro tools you may find that Pixlr Editor is in some ways a more powerful app. Need more info? Check out 123RF's Pixlr support page for more details about these fine apps. 

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